Unbelievable Buildings of The Future

This progress has been reached in the exterior and the best entertainment. This civilization has access to more and more in areas such as technology, art, design, science and architecture. Modern architecture has reached this incredible man of the past can not dream of it. Which makes the best-known buildings, most modern buildings in the world. It was great ! Look at the bottom of the list of incredible 15 buildings of the future and think about how we will live in the future ! They really are not built yet, but plan to be completed for them. It is just a question of time when they will be built. Their planer, planning architecture that makes the promise that they will be built soon. But today, you have the opportunity to see how the future will look like. Via: placesamazing

Crescent Moon Tower


Image source

Singapore Pavilion  World


Image source

Skyscraper for Gazprom City, St. Petersburg


Image source

Finger Print Building In Thailand


Image source

Dynamic, Wind-Powered Rotating Tower


Image source: Dynamic Architecture

The Future World Trade Center


Images source

The Venus Project: Working Toward Sustainable Global Civilization



Images source: The Venus Project  Designed by Jacque Fresco

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You constantly inspire and amaze me! I wish you had more time to write, because you have an unaebievlble gift. I will take it when I can get it, though. : )Keep up the good work. Asher is one lucky guy.[]


Now we know who the seisnble one is here. Great post!